Making a Difference


Calling all Fatherless Boys to become their own hero in life!

The Fatherless Boys Journey ages 13-18 is a process by which each participant enters an ageless and timeless initiation into the transformative currents of person maturing and understanding how to better deal with life as a fatherless boy.

Learning  truth about yourself as a fatherless boy; you will be asked to enter fully into the adventure of discovering more about the one true life that is waiting for your full attention and effort.

Following the map of the "Hero's Journey" that has enriched youth within every culture and tradition since the beginning of time. Supporting fatherless boys towards a meaningful future life, one that will enliven their existence with meaning and the possibility of fulfillment, and help them find their true place in a fatherless world. 

It is a challenging task to provide a fatherless boy who is becoming a man; with an adequate sense of what to expect during our Fatherless Boys Journey.   In many ways, the proper way to prepare for a weeklong journey in a wilderness setting is to suspend one’s set of exceptions, and open up to what comes that is beyond what is to be expected. 

Expectations to have for our weeklong journey in the mountains:

  • You will have every opportunity to choose your own supports and challenges, and to be empowered beyond your current capacities.   This is an inevitable fact for each journeyer.
  • You will be guided and supported by adult journey facilitators who have been specially trained for this type of wilderness adventure, one that will support your deeper self.
  • You can expect to have new experiences for yourself, but you will not have to do them by yourself.  You will be an essential part of a small group of fatherless boys who experience their own adventures together, each learning how to find his own way to accomplish meaningful tasks.
  • You can expect to step beyond your comfort zones, in order to be awakened and enlivened in the most life-giving of ways.  At the same time, you will be expected to become the one in charge of your own experience, capable of saying yes or no to any arising opportunity for adventure.
  • You can expect many opportunities to let go, open up, and expand your mind and body’s ability to transcend your current ways of thinking and acting.   
  • You will be taking this journey with fatherless boys  from the ages of 13 and 18, who will also travel to our mountain forest from across America.  What one young man does for himself, he does for the whole of his community.  In our way of working, a rising tide lifts all the boats in the sea.
  • We will expect of you to take all of the necessary preparation steps, both internal and external, to put you in the best position to have positive and meaningful outcomes during your week on the mountain. 


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Your support and contributions will enable us to send Fatherless Boys to become their own hero. Each boy costs 3,500.00 for one week. Please help! Your donation is tax deductible.

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